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  /  FAWC Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition

FAWC Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition

Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competitions (FAWC) was founded by Seminole tribal alligator wrestling entrepreneurs, James and Clinton Holt. Alligator wrestling started out as a survival technique created by Seminole Indians to capture and transport live alligators back to their camps for food after being pushed into the South Florida everglades by the U.S. goverment during 50 years of war. Generations later this technique has evolved into a spectator sport that rivals the danger of any contact sport today. Alligator wrestling as a competitive sport has evolved in many ways like professional bull riding through it’s heritage and tradition. FAWC events create an opportunity for spectators to learn the story of surviving to thriving for the Seminole people and how the alligator played a vital role in that journey. It’s edge of your seat entertainment packaged in a familiar style format coming from a Native American perspective.

James Holt
FAWC President